Tree Pruning & Cabling

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure and is an essential part of any tree maintenance program. When properly applied, pruning works in conjunction with a Plant Health Care Program to help reduce insect & disease infestations. The development of low limbs, structural branch defects and dead branches occur when pruning is not performed.

Cabling and bracing are the two most common forms of structural support performed on a tree. Many tree species form tight, V-shaped branch forks or split crotches. When there is a small angle between branches, there is a weak union. As the branches grow, bark is pushed against bark. This bark between branches is called “included bark.” Branches with included bark between them cannot have a strong union of wood fiber. As they get larger and heavier, they become susceptible to splitting.

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"Chris and his team did an outstanding job. I had an ash tree between my house and my sisters that had a deep split in it and was in danger of falling during a high wind. Chris was out the next day to remove it and pointed out other ash trees that were infected and needed removal. I have seen work performed by other tree services and Chris outperformed them all. The cleanup could not have been better. Have already recommended Chris to my niece and others. Very knowledgeable about trees and their care." - Fred G. Amherst, OH

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